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Want to get started on growing your confidence
I thought you might, my friend!

Which is why I’m sharing this UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE DIGITAL PACK (and something you can start doing as soon as you order it…)!

This digital pack includes my CUSTOM Confidence 22 minute Meditation, 10 of my digital Confidence Affirmation Cards and 120 affirmations in 4 beautiful digital workbooks for you to use when you feel like you need them most!
($47 Value)
I’ve created a CUSTOM MEDITATION, perfect for stepping into your future confident self NOW.

This custom meditation is 22 minutes and it...is...POWERFUL!
  • Listen to this custom meditation anytime, from anywhere!
  • Get Instant Access for LIFE! 
($19 Value)
I’ve also created 10 BEAUTIFUL POSITIVE MANTRA digital and printable cards (available for immediate PDF download)!

You can print them out, put them around your house, post the beautiful images on social media, put them up in your car, look at them while you get ready for the day...wherever you want to remind yourself of your Unshakable Confidence.
($84 Value)
I also added 4 BONUS Affirmation Workbooks on different topics (120 affirmations in TOTAL), including
  • “Develop Charisma”
  • ​“Stop Feeling Insecure”
  • ​“Fear of Rejection”
  • “Growing Confidence”
These downloadable workbooks are ready for you to print and use right away.
What you’re gonna get…
  • CUSTOM Confidence Guided Meditation ($47 value)
  • 10 Beautiful Confidence Affirmation Cards available for immediate download ($19 value)
  • Develop Charisma Affirmations Digital Workbook (30 affirmations) ($21 value)
  • Stop Feeling Insecure Affirmations Digital Workbook (30 affirmations) ($21 value)
  • Fear of Rejection Affirmations Digital Workbook (30 affirmations) ($21 value)
  •  Confidence Affirmation Digital Workbook (30 Affirmations) ($21 value)
Confidence Affirmations & Meditation Digital Pack

Immediate & Lifetime Access Price: 
ONLY $49
SAVE $101!
I'm excited you want to grab this AWESOME DIGITAL BONUS PACK of Confidence must-have goodies.  You are gong to LOVE them!!

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